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What do blue text messages mean samsung?

What do blue text messages mean samsung?

Many Samsung users get annoyed when the messages they send to their iPhone are green.

Apple has long used two colors of blue to distinguish messages. The message in blue shows that the sender and recipient are using the same device running iOS or macOS operating system, ie operating on the iMessage platform. Meanwhile, the green message is a message that is transferred via the traditional SMS protocol, indicating that the sender is not using an iPhone or the iPhone is not connected to the network.

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What do blue text messages mean samsung?

Messages on iPhone come in two colors depending on the operating system.

However, in the era of Wi-Fi and 3G/4G, most iPhones are connected to the network, so many people default to green messages sent from Android phones.

Apple distinguishes colors so iPhone users know if they’re texting for free (via iMessage) or for a fee (via SMS). However, some Android users feel uncomfortable and think that Apple is discriminating and isolating them.

On August 14, the New York Post also published an article affirming that the color of text messages is also an important issue for young people. “If it wasn’t for the blue text, I wouldn’t have asked them to date you. Like, why don’t you use an iPhone like me?”, Katie McDonough, 23, said.

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According to the  Verge , this week, Samsung created a series of GIFs of green characters overpowering blue characters, encouraging Android users to send to iPhone users. Samsung also expanded the campaign on Instagram with the hashtag #GreenDontCare.

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In fact, Android is the world’s most popular operating system with 76% market share in July 2019. Today, the iPhone is no longer considered a luxury phone and a fashion device as it was a few years ago.

Why is texting on iPhone when it’s green, sometimes it’s blue?

Everything that appears on an Apple phone is clearly not a coincidence.

If you use an iPhone, you may have also noticed something strange when texting with the Messages app: Some messages appear green and some messages appear blue.

In a nutshell: Blue messages indicate they were sent or received also using Apple’s iMessage platform. Meanwhile, the messages in green are “traditional” text messages exchanged through the Short Message Service (SMS) platform.

What do blue text messages mean iphone?

Therefore, it is understandable that when texting with people using the same iPhone, you will receive blue messages. However, if the person you are texting with has an iPhone but is still sending green messages, there could be three reasons behind:

– iMessage is not activated on your device (Select Settings > Messages to see if the iMessage feature is enabled. You are also advised to enable the Send as SMS feature to send messages in the traditional format. when the phone is not connected to the Internet or mobile data).

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– iMessage is not activated on the receiving device.

– The phone is not connected to mobile data or the Internet.

Sending and receiving messages with iMessage can actually save you a lot of money, although the cost of sending traditional text messages is quite low, if you send information like images or videos, the actual cost will not be small. Besides, the iMessage platform also allows users to exchange more information formats.

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