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How to update video drivers on windows 10

If you are facing problems like a black screen, pixels appearing on the screen, RGB color tint, or white noise, follow the troubleshooting guide & learn how to update video drivers.

The device driver holds the information required for hardware devices to communicate with the phần mềm or operating system. However, sometimes after updating Windows or reinstalling it, issues with the display, sound, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth không dây, etc occur. In such cases updating drivers is the best solution as it helps fix video issues, Wi-Fi, and other problems.

There are 3 best ways to update video drivers. You can select from any of them listed below and understand how to update video drivers on Windows 10.

3 Best Ways to Update Video Drivers

Video drivers can be updated automatically and manually. If you are short on time and don’t like lengthy processes, we recommend trying – Advanced Driver Updater. This professional driver updating tool automatically detects outdated drivers and shows the most compatible and recent updates.

However, if you are the DIY type and want to do everything on your own, go with manual ways.

lưu ý: Updating drivers manually involves risk. Therefore, when downloading and installing a driver manually, make sure you’ve downloaded the right driver based on the version of the operating system and device details.

Once you have decided how you would want to update video drivers on Windows 10, proceed further.

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1. Automatic Way to Update Video card driver

Various third-party driver updating tools are available in the market, but not all are safe to use. Therefore, going with a trusted tool that has been in the industry for a long, offers a large database, & the option to backup and restore drivers is the right choice.

You need to understand the best driver updating tool makes updating drivers simple for everyone. More precisely, the tool automatically detects outdated drivers and looks for compatible updates. An incorrect driver update can cause problems like frequent freezes, lags, and other issues.

Therefore, to avoid such issues we recommend using Advanced Driver Updater.

Follow these steps to learn how to update Video Card Drivers On Windows 10

1. Download and Install Advanced Driver Updater

2. Run the application and click Start Scan Now

3. The driver updating tool will now scan the system for faulty, corrupt, and outdated drives.

4. Wait for the scan to finish.
5. Once you have the scan result click the Update Driver button next to Graphics or video card.

ADU Update all
6. Let the process finish.
7. Restart Windows and apply changes.

Doing so will update the video card driver without any hassle.

lưu ý: You can either use the paid version or the free version of Advanced Driver Updater. The former allows updating all drivers at once, while the latter allows updating outdated drivers at a time.

2. Manual Ways to Update Drivers

In case you want to download and install the driver on your own, follow the steps below to update the video driver on Windows 10.

1. Updating video drivers via Windows Update

The latest video drivers can be downloaded and installed through Windows Update. To learn how to update video card drivers via Windows Update, follow the steps below:

1. Press Windows + X > Device Manager
2. In the Device Manager window, look for the Display adapters  Double click to unhide the graphics card driver. Select it > right-click > Update driver.

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(lưu ý: Depending on the version of Windows, on some machines, it might appear as Update Driver Phần mềm).

3. Select Search automatically for updated driver phần mềm from the pop-up window. Windows will now look for video driver updates.
4. If an update is available, it will be installed automatically.

lưu ý: – This process can be repeated to update multiple graphics card drivers.

Bonus Tip: If you get the message “The best drivers for your device are already installed,” click Search for updated drivers on Windows update. Test for available Windows updates if any is available). However, if you are running the latest version of Windows click Lượt xem options updates > double click Driver Updates > see if an update for the Video card driver is available or not. If it is there, select it and click Download and install.

Windows Update

optional update

3: Download and install new drivers from the manufacturer’s site

If you have a bit of technical knowledge and know what you are doing, you can try this method.

lưu ý: – Before getting into details, ensure you’ve all the information regarding the version of the operating system, bit 32 or 64, and device details.

To know about the version of Windows 10, you are using press Windows + R > msinfo32 > ok.


This will open a new window where you can get details about the máy tính model number. In my case, it is Lenovo 34921F4. Just below it, you can see system type X64 and can also see OS Name.


Now that you have the information about Windows you are using. Let us learn how to collect information about graphics cards and manufacturers. To do so, follow the steps below:

1. Press Windows + R to open the Run window
2. Type devmgmt.msc > Enter
3. This will open Device Manager
4. Look for the Display adapters section, double-click to expand it.
5. Select the graphic driver you wish to update > right-click > Properties

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device manager
6. Click the Driver tab followed by the Details tab to collect all the driver information

hd graphics properity

Following the above steps will give all the driver-related information.

Once you have all the information visit the manufacturer’s site or the support page to download the driver update. Thereafter, double click the .exe file to install the update. However, if the update is in the form of a zip file, extract it and install the driver update. Restart your máy tính after updating the video driver.

Solution – How To Update Video Drivers on Windows 10

We hope we were able to answer How to Update Video Card Drivers on Windows 10. To update the video drivers, you can use any of the methods explained above. However, if you don’t have enough time and patience, the automatic way is a smart decision. Advanced Driver Updater will automatically identify outdated drivers and will show the most compatible updates. In case you have any questions please drop that in the comments sections. Moreover, for any product related queries, you can contact our support đội nhóm at support@systweak.com


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