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Solved Windows 7 Wont Boot after Cloning to New Computer

Q: How to remedy cloned to new laptop or computer Home windows seven will not boot?

“I recently cloned my hard disk to another larger one. I thought it would make my computer more responsive. However, now my Windows 7 won’t boot after cloning, which I figured out after inserting the disk. Is there any quick solution to fix this issue?”

Buyers generally update their apps, functioning units, and components products at some issue. A nearby tricky travel is a critical components part that must be upgraded from time to time. It is to be certain superior overall performance, consider gain of sophisticated capabilities these types of as UEFI, minimal house, and assistance for GPT disks. It is crucial to clone a tricky travel.

To boost the longevity of your notebook or desktop, upgrading to a new SSD travel will assistance. When you want to boost overall performance by upgrading HDD to SSD, you will have to clone the tricky travel to a larger just one. It will retailer extra information.

In some circumstances, following cloning to a new Laptop, Home windows seven will not boot, and this is a prevalent challenge with consumers.

Component one: Mistake: Clone to New Laptop or computer Home windows seven Will not Boot

Cloning tricky travel is a well-liked way that consumers desire when they want to transfer information from an outdated Laptop to a new just one. The gain of this is that information, configurations, functioning units, and apps are held the exact same. It is not unusual following cloning that new personal computers fall short to boot. Perfectly, it transpires because of to different factors and there is a resolution to it.

There are two factors why following cloning to a new laptop or computer Home windows seven may well fall short to boot. 1 result in is corrupted boot information although the 2nd just one is the boot method in the outdated laptop or computer is unique from the new just one.

To make confident that the Laptop can be utilized all over again, it will have to be inspected and fixed. With this in head, what is the greatest resolution to the challenge?

Component two: Strategies to Remedy Cloned to New Laptop or computer Home windows seven Will not Boot

Hoping to remedy this challenge is time-consuming when you do not know what to do. When cloned to a new Laptop Home windows seven will not boot, listed here are two answers that are not only trusted but are also productive.

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Technique one. Reconcile boot modes

You have to affirm the outdated computer’s boot method by subsequent the down below measures.

Action one: On the desktop, find the “Computer” icon. Simply click “Manage.”

Action two: To open up Home windows Disk Administration, find “Disk Management.” Proper-click on on “Disk 0.” A pop-up menu will come up and if the Laptop is in UEFI boot method, a “Convert to MBR Disk” selection will demonstrate. If this selection is not offered, then the outdated Laptop is in Legacy BIOS.

Now that you have figured out the outdated computer’s boot method, you want to affirm the boot method for the new laptop or computer. Down below are the measures for carrying out this.

Action one: The 1st issue is to change on the new Laptop. After this is completed, you want to get into the BIOS interface by tapping “Del” Begin the new laptop or computer and faucet “Del” to enter the BIOS interface.

Action two: Select Boot and then UEFI/BIOS Boot Method, in the BIOS utility dialog. Underneath the selection, check out whether or not UEFI or Legacy is picked.

Action three: The boot modes could both be the exact same or unique involving the new and the outdated personal computers. If they are unique, you will have to adjust match the new PC’s boot method to match that of the outdated just one. No motion is necessary if the modes are the exact same.

If your laptop or computer will not boot home windows seven, this is an outstanding resolution. When the boot modes in the outdated and new personal computers are the exact same, this mistake can be removed. If it does not seem to be to operate, down below is your subsequent selection.

Technique two. Mend boot information

The ‘cloned to new computer won’t boot Home windows 7’ may well also be induced by corrupted boot information. It is not tricky to fix boot information if you stick to the down below guidelines.

Action one: To entry the ‘advanced Boot options’ menu, restart the new Laptop, and then click on “F8.”

Action two: To pick Secure Method with Command Prompt, there are arrow keys for your use. Simply click “Enter” following this.

Action three: In the 3rd move, insert the down below four instructions on the Command Prompt. Soon after inserting every single command line, click on “Enter” until finally you complete.

  • bootrec /fixmbr
  • bootrec /fixboot
  • bootrec /scanos
  • bootrec /rebuildbcd
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Action four: Prior to restarting your new laptop or computer, exit the Command Prompt.

Component three: How to Clone Home windows seven with AOMEI Backupper?

The challenge of Home windows seven not booting following cloning is a nuisance to a lot of but there is a trusted way to comprehensive the system. It is restoring the Home windows seven picture to a different components. AOMEI Backupper Skilled will supply important assistance. Sync, backup, clone, and restoration capabilities are in-developed.

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Disk, File Backup, Technique, and Partition are the 4 styles of backup to pick from. If there is a want to restore from the backup picture, you can do so. You may well see the want to boot your Laptop in situation of a failure. When this transpires, AOMEI Backupper will assistance you make bootable media.

Utilizing AOMEI Backupper, make a bootable USB travel on the outdated laptop or computer and to the USB, back again up Home windows seven. Perfectly, it must be completed ahead of a Home windows seven picture restoration to a new laptop or computer. After this is completed efficiently, stick to the guidelines down below to move forward.

Action one: Join the USB

On your new laptop or computer, hook up the Home windows seven backup picture with a bootable USB flash travel. In BIOS, adjust the boot get to boot from the USB.

Action two: Picking out the Impression File

After you log in, you will see the AOMEI Backupper dwelling display screen. On the remaining facet, you can identify the “Restore” selection. You must decide on the “Select Task” selection.


Action three: Opening the Impression File

Now, you want to detect the method picture file. You can uncover it on the USB travel. And finally, find “Open.”

Action four: Choose the Locale

In this move, click on on “Restore this system backup” and find the “Restore system to other locations” subsequently. The subsequent issue is to pick “Next.”


Action five: Choose the Location Route

On your new laptop or computer, you want to pick a place route. In this situation, pick the tricky travel on the new Laptop and then click on “Next.”

Action six: Begin the Restoration Approach

To make confident that even following restoration the method is bootable, do not uncheck the “Universal Restore” selection. It is on the Procedure Summary web page and is checked by default. Subsequent, you must find “Start Restore” and give the processing time to comprehensive.


Component four: Best Approaches to Make Your Cloned Travel Bootable in Home windows ten/eight/seven

A cloned tricky travel will not boot Home windows seven is an challenge that consumers experience. Down below are the unique possibilities that you can pick from. It is dependent on your specifications and desire.

  1. Do not clone the C partition only but fairly the full method. It is probable that on your method disk, there is an EFI method or a method reserved partition. To protect against the mistake of ‘cloned drive won’t boot Home windows 10’, you must keep away from cloning partition only and be certain the intact method is cloned.
  2. You can also take away DVD/CD bootable disc or USB boot travel, amongst other folks.
  3. On the BIOS utility, affirm that the new goal disk has been regarded. The goal disk must also be established as the default boot disk.
  4. Though applying some computer software, you are not necessary to do a disk conversion to clone MBR to GPT disk. If cloned SSD will not boot Home windows seven/ten, it could be that a mistaken boot method is utilized on the laptop or computer. Allow the UEFI boot method if you are applying a GPT disk as your goal travel. Legacy boot method is the most best for an MBR travel.
  5. The goal disk will fall short to utilize boot method if the Laptop does not assistance UEFI boot method. Prior to you do a boot from the cloned travel, you are necessary to accomplish a GPT to MBR conversion.
  6. Alternatively of the goal disk remaining externally linked through USB, it must be linked to the Laptop internally. It must be completed through IDE/SATA/M.two/PCIe.
  7. From the set up media, boot your laptop or computer if every little thing looks ok. In the Command Prompt, operate the earlier mentioned instructions ahead of restarting your Laptop.
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If even with these answers the cloned tricky travel will not boot, it is time to use computer software to repair. Pros choose to use AOMEI Backupper because of to its dependability. They use it for backup and restore disk and partition administration, and information restoration.


This information and facts guides you if your new laptop or computer will not boot Home windows seven following cloning. Reconciling boot modes involving the outdated and new personal computers and restoring boot information can help in working with this challenge.

With cloning computer software, it will become quick to clone your tricky travel. Nonetheless, at situations, cloned tricky travel will not boot Home windows seven and the superior issue is there are answers to this. The mistake can also be prevented by applying AOMEI Backupper when restoring Home windows seven picture to a different components. This computer software also will come with other capabilities that consumers uncover simple. By applying these answers, you remedy troubles of Home windows seven will not boot following cloning to a new Laptop.

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