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How to move pictures to sd card on galaxy s9

The Galaxy S9 that supports Micro SD card technology offers a lot of design advantages to make life easier. If you realize that your storage space is being occupied by pictures, it can help to move the pictures folder to the SD card on your Samsung S9.

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Besides, when you take a photo with the Galaxy S9, it must be saved. You can choose to store items to the SD card or to the internal phone memory. The device is smart enough that it only asks you to do so the first time you launch the Camera app, but if you miss this step, you can still adjust the settings. You can save photos in SD card in your Galaxy S9 using the guide below but before we introduce you to the main options, consider the following factors:

  • Continuous shots are always saved on the device even if you select SD as the primary storage option for the Camera because SD-speed capacity is not fast enough to store the captured images.
  • You’ll be able to save files on the external card under this new setting, but the action won’t automatically move your old content to the new card, so you’ll have to do it manually.
  • You can move photos currently on your Galaxy S9 to the SD card in a number of different ways, and a storage adjustment path can be quickly made at any time afterward.
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How to set your camera to save to SD card

  • Launch the Camera app
  • Click settings (gear icon)
  • Tap on Storage Location once you have accessed the Camera menu
  • Select the option labeled SD card

How to move camera images to SD card with Android File Manager

The process of moving pictures to your SD card is easy and straightforward, and you can complete it in a few steps as shown below;

  • Go to Galaxy S9 General Settings
  • Tap Memory & USB
  • Browse and click Explore
  • You are using a file manager here
  • Select the Pictures folder
  • Press the Menu button
  • Select Copy to SD Card

How to move camera photos from SD to my files

  • Go to Phone Settings again
  • Navigate to apps
  • Choose Samsung
  • Choose my file
  • Highlight all images from file types
  • Click the MORE CODE menu
  • Click edit
  • Select the individual files you want to move or the entire folder
  • Tap Move
  • Select SD card

How to move pictures to sd card on galaxy s9

How to move camera images to SD from gallery

You have option to move files from phone memory to SD card inside photo gallery with Samsung Galaxy S9 as shown below:

  • Launch Home Screen or App Drawer
  • Go to image gallery and navigate to Album
  • Tap on multiple images or individuals you want to move by long-pressing one of the images
  • Click MORE CODE
  • Select Copy or Move
  • Click on the folder with the SD card icon

You can choose any of the methods above to move the photos folder on the Samsung Galaxy S9 internal storage to the micro SD card.

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How to manage S9 / S9 Edge photos on computer?

As you can see, both techniques mentioned above are a bit tedious and time consuming. So, to make the most of your time, you can use a third party solution like dr.fone – Phone Manager (Android). It’s a complete Android device manager that will let you import, export, delete and manage your data seamlessly. You can easily manage photos on S9 and other types of data as well as contacts, messages, videos, music, etc. Since it has a user-friendly interface, no prior technical knowledge is needed to use it. You can simply connect your S9 to your system, launch dr.fone – Transfer (Android) and manage photos on S9 seamlessly.

1. Import photos to S9

By using dr.fone – Phone Manager (Android), you can easily add photos to your S9 from your computer. To do this, connect the S9 to your system, launch dr.fone – Transfer (Android) and go to its Photos tab.

How to move pictures to sd card on galaxy s9

Go to the Import icon and choose to add files or entire folders.


This will launch a file explorer from where you can choose to import your photos. Soon, your photo will be added to your device.

2. Export photos from S9

You can also choose to transfer your photos from your Android device to computer as well. On the welcome screen of dr.fone – Transfer (Android), you can click on the “transfer device image to computer” shortcut. This will automatically transfer photos from your S9 to computer in one go.

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How to move pictures to sd card on galaxy s9

If you want to selectively export photos from your S9 to your computer, then go to the Photos tab and select the images you want to transfer. Now, go to the Export icon and choose to export the selected photos to a computer or a connected device.

How to move pictures to sd card on galaxy s9

If you choose to export the image to your computer, then a pop-up browser will open. From here, you can choose the destination folder where you want to save your photos.

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3. Create albums on Galaxy S9

As you can see, dr.fone – Transfer (Android) has segregates your phone photos into different folders. You can just go to any album from its left panel to manage photos on the S9. If you want to create a new album, then select the corresponding item (for example, camera). Right-click it and select New Album to create a new folder. Then you can just drag and drop images from any other source to the newly created album.

How to move pictures to sd card on galaxy s9

4. Deleted Photos on S9

To manage photos on the S9, you will most likely have to get rid of some unwanted photos as well. To do this, simply go to the photo album of your choice and select the photos that you want to get rid of. Then, click the “Delete” icon on the toolbar.

How to move pictures to sd card on galaxy s9

This will generate a pop-up warning. Just confirm your choice and choose to delete the selected photos from your device.

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