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How to fix: xbox one can’t connect to dhcp server

Facing Xbox unable to connect to DHCP server error every time you try to connect to your Xbox console over network/web?

If you are looking for some easy fixes to solve cannot connect to DHCP server error then this guide will help you.

Here, find working solutions that have been tested by our experts and are sure to help you with your error.

But before going directly into the fixes, know more about this Xbox one can’t connect to DHCP server error.

So let’s start the discussion….!

How to fix: xbox one can't connect to dhcp server

Xbox one can’t connect to DHCP server error What is it?

Many Xbox users find reports of this ‘ Unable to connect to your DHCP Server ‘ error when they try to establish a connection to their Xbox console using the Web.

This particular error indicates that the DHCP server was unable to assign an IP address to your Xbox console.

In a word, this error actually makes you unable to access the network due to some reason. As a result, you will start receiving Xbox Release Console Network Connection Error .

What causes Xbox unable to connect to your DHCP server error?

Unable to connect to your DHCP server, the error mainly occurs when some other device present on the same network is assigned the same IP address as your Xbox console.

To fix this problem, we mainly need to do two things:

  1. The configuration of the XBOX control panel makes the server allow it to have an IP address.
  2. Configure your DHCP server.

What do I do when my Xbox says can’t connect to the DHCP server?

Fix 1 – Manually Troubleshooting the DHCP Server

The first solution that you can try to fix the Xbox cannot connect to DHCP Server error is by manually troubleshooting the DHCP Server .

  • Turn off your XBOX Control Panel for 5 minutes .
  • When 5 minutes pass, turn on both your control panel and router .
  • Now from your remote tap on the menu
  • Tap settings>network
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Xbox one network settings


  • Now from opening Network Settings Window select Check Network Connection

xbox error code 0x97e107df


Fix 2 – Factory Reset Your Xbox

If your Xbox isn’t experiencing any Live server issues and even your home router shouldn’t have any web connection issues. In that case, the problem may lie with the Xbox console itself.

It’s possible that some unknown software is restricting your Xbox from connecting to the DHCP server.

To fix this problem, the best solution is to factory reset your XBOX console.

Fix 3 – Assign static IP address to Xbox One console

Sometimes Xbox can’t connect to your DHCP server error occurs because of Xbox console dynamic IP.

So all you need to do is assign a static IP address to the XBOX console. Here are the steps you need to follow:

  • Turn on your XBOX console.
  • Tap the Menu Button which is present on the XBOX Home Screen.
  • Search for Settings and then tap on it.
  • Tap Network > Advanced Settings Options.

xbox error code 0x97e107df


  • Now in the opened window you can see IP Settings . So copy this IP down and keep it safe somewhere.
  • In the IP settings there is a MAC Address in which you have to enter the address of the 12 digit connection that you use at your home.
  • Open your browser and then in the search bar enter the default port.
  • It’s time to access your router’s interface. For this, simply enter the username and password provided on your router’s sticker.
  • Select the Enable manual assignment option .
  • In the window that opened Enter your MAC and IP address that you noted down before.
  • Enter Add

Now try to start your game by checking if the problem is resolved or not.

Fix 4 – Try several different Ethernet ports or cables

Another solution you can try is to change the Ethernet port or cable . Here’s how you can check:

  • Turn off your modem and Xbox console.
  • Now from both devices remove the Ethernet Cable .
  • Try plugging in the cable on a different port of the modem or router .
  • On the remote control, press Menu
  • Tap Settings > Network preferences .
  • Now from the opened window of Network Settings select Test Network Connection

error 0x97e107df on xbox


Fix 5 – Enable/Disable DHCP

In most cases it is found that Xbox cannot connect with DHCP server error which is also resolved by enabling/disabling the DHCP server.

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Follow the steps to disable the DHCP server


  • At first, from your keyboard press Home windows + X and then from the opened menu select Network connection


  • This will open the Ethernet Properties window on your desktop. Now double-click the network connection is active, and then select Properties Option
  • Tap Web Protocol Version 4 or 6, then select Properties

can't connect to Xbox DHCP server


  • Select the option “ Use the following IP address”.
  • Assign values ​​like IP Address, Default Gateway, Subnet Mask etc.
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can't connect to Xbox DHCP server


Note : After shutting down the DHCP server, go back to the static IP configuration.

When you specify incorrect settings, it may result in failed Web connections.

Steps to enable DHCP server

  • Press Home windows + X button from your keyboard and then from the opened menu select Network connection
  • This will open the Ethernet Properties window on your desktop. Now double click on the active network connection and then select Properties Selection.
  • Type Web Protocol Version 4 or 6 and then select Properties.
  • Tap both options: Get IP address automatically and get DNS server address automatically. Then click YES

After enabling the DHCP server, don’t forget to restart your PC to apply all the changes you made.

Fix 6 – Xbox Energy Cycle Console & Router

Energy Biking Xbox Consoles and Routers eliminate temporary glitches that cause Xbox not being able to connect to your DHCP server type of error.

Here are the steps to Xbox Energy Cycle Router and Console:

  • Turn off both the Xbox Console and the router .
  • Unplug the power cable from both the Xbox Console and the router devices. Wait at least 5 minutes.
  • Now, turn on both your devices and wait for the connection to be established perfectly.
  • Hit menu button available on your Xbox Distant.
  • Now tap on the following option: Settings > Network > Network Settings and then select ‘Test Network Connection’.

error 0x97e107df on xbox


Then check if Xbox Connection Failed Error is resolved.

Fix 7 – Your XBOX console may be banned

The Xbox One console incubates Microsoft’s limited activation permanently so that it is connected to the Xbox network.

Contacting the Xbox Enforcement support team and apologizing for the bad behavior is the only option left to do.

This is the only option you can try to repair your Xbox that cannot connect to the DHCP server.

Troubleshooting 8 – Contact Xbox customer care

If the problem persists, try contacting Xbox Customer Care through the ‘’ page

This is the official page of Xbox customer support and it will surely help you to solve the Xbox cannot connect to DHCP server error.

For further assistance, contact Xbox customer care.

FAQ: Learn more about Unable to connect to DHCP server

1 – What is DHCP on Xbox?

Dynamic Configuration Host Protocol (DHCP) i is referred to as Xbox’s ability to obtain dynamic IP addresses without assigning to setup. DHCP is part of the standard TCP/IP used on most existing networks. This server can be used to assign IP addresses to each device on the network that accepts them. Like PC, mobile phone, sport system like Xbox. This is how DHCP correlates with Xbox.

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2 – How to fix DHCP error?

If your DHCP server is not working then you can fix it by troubleshooting home windows or by checking DHCP Adapter Settings. This way you can match the start and end Gateway address and then the DHCP error problem can be fixed easily.


3 – Why is the DHCP Server not working?

DHCP Server acts like an IP tool that automatically configures available devices on the network. When problems arise in assigning IP addresses, this means that the DHCP server is down. You can get it working by applying some basic fixes mentioned in this article: Troubleshooting on DHCP Servers ( windows-server/troubleshoot/troubleshoot-problems-on-DHCP-server)

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4 – Why does my Xbox say can’t connect to a static IP address?

You always need an IP address to access Xbox for this you can use a static IP address. If any mistake occurs while assigning IP address then you will start getting Xbox unable to connect to static IP address .


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Now you don’t have to deal with Xbox unable to connect with DHCP server error. Just try any of the certain fixes of this post.

All fixes are tried and tested thoroughly to fix Xbox stay unable to connect to DHCP server error.

Also, if you have any more questions to ask, let us know about your PC problem on the Fb page. We will do our best to fix your problem as soon as possible…!

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