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How to Add a CSS Gradient Overlay to a Background Image

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Employing illustrations or photos on a internet webpage aids to increase visible curiosity. But figuring out how to put textual content on leading of the graphic, even though earning certain you can continue to examine it, can be demanding. There are a couple of unique strategies to get about this difficulty.

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Solution one: Opt for the correct qualifications graphic

The best solution is to use illustrations or photos that have a huge blank location for your textual content or does not have a good deal of depth.

If you really don’t have your possess images, there are a good deal of no cost and compensated selections for inventory images this kind of as Adobe Inventory or Unsplash.

Solution two: Edit the qualifications graphic

It’s possible there is a particular photograph that you want to use but it does not have any blank locations for textual content or has a good deal of depth. A further solution is to use Photoshop or other graphic enhancing software package to adjust the total colour profile of the graphic. This can support light-weight coloured textual content stand out by darkening the qualifications graphic or vice versa.

To make this influence, increase a black or white qualifications colour on a layer underneath the graphic, and then adjust the opacity of the graphic, to darken or lighten the photograph.

You could also increase a colour overlay or de-saturate the photograph to make it black and white. Based on the graphic, these tactics can support to make the textual content stand out.

This may possibly be alright if you have a couple of illustrations or photos but if you are working with a good deal of images, it may possibly get cumbersome to manually edit all the images.


If you are making edits to illustrations or photos, it is greatest to stay clear of including textual content to the graphic alone. For the visually impaired, monitor visitors are applied to examine out the textual content in an HTML doc. If the textual content is in the graphic, then it can not be examine aloud. And you want your internet web pages to be as obtainable as probable.

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Although you can and need to increase an alt attribute to your illustrations or photos, this attribute is applied for describing the graphic alone.

<img src="image.jpg" alt="description of image"/>

And most of the time, when doing work with textual content and illustrations or photos, the graphic file is extra as a qualifications graphic working with the CSS qualifications or qualifications-graphic house, so you will not even be ready to increase an alt attribute. So just stay clear of carrying out it entirely!

human body {
  /* shorthand */
  qualifications: url(graphic.jpg) no-repeat
  /* longhand */
  qualifications-graphic: url(graphic.jpg)
  qualifications-repeat: no-repeat

Solution three: Use CSS!

The good thing is, there are strategies to do the job with textual content and qualifications illustrations or photos working with unique CSS houses and tactics.

The colour and textual content-shadow house

At times just changing the textual content colour, with the colour house, will do the trick. If the graphic is typically darkish, use white or a light-weight colour to increase distinction, or vice versa if the graphic is typically lighter shades.

In the case in point under, the heading is in an location of the graphic that has considerably less depth, so a colour adjust variety of will work. But the paragraph textual content is continue to really hard to examine given that it is in a additional in-depth location of the graphic.

Screenshot from the Codepen containing the full HTML and CSS example

A further solution is to increase a fall shadow, working with the textual content-shadow house.

h1, p {
  colour: white
  textual content-shadow: 1px 1px 3px #444

Screenshot from the Codepen containing the full HTML and CSS example

But I discover this does not generally do the job properly with additional in-depth illustrations or photos. In addition it can be tough to increase a fall shadow to lengthier blocks of textual content or smaller sized font measurements.

To study additional about how to increase a fall shadow to textual content, look at out my text-shadow post.

The qualifications house

A further solution is to use the qualifications property, which enables for a pair unique strategies to increase colour to both the the textual content or the graphic. The qualifications property is actually shorthand for lots of unique houses but this publish will concentrate on qualifications-colour and qualifications-graphic.


Let us begin with having a search at how to use qualifications-colour to increase a colour to the component, which will display screen beneath the textual content. This house can be applied with any form of &ltcolor&gt price.

qualifications-colour can be extra to a one component, this kind of as the h1 tag, in the Codepen case in point. It can also be extra to a team of components by picking the containing element, this kind of as the textual content-container div, which will increase a colour to the container becoming applied to team all the paragraphs.

h1 {
  qualifications-colour: white
.textual content-container {
  qualifications-colour: white

another Codepen screenshot with text over background image

To have additional of the qualifications graphic displaying by, increase transparency by working with an rgba() color price as an alternative of a key phrase or hex code.

/* sets the colour with alpha transparency */
qualifications-colour: rgba(70, a hundred thirty, one hundred eighty, .eight)

The very first a few values specify the purple, environmentally friendly and blue factors, working with quantities concerning and 255, with every single price divided by a comma. signifies black and 255 signifies white. All other shades are a mixture of the remaining quantities. The past price sets alpha channel, which is how the transparency is extra. Any price concerning and one can be applied. is thoroughly clear and one is reliable. A share price can also be applied. For case in point .eight is the very same as eighty%.

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Another Codepen screenshot showing text over background image

You can discover RGB values working with graphic enhancing software package like Photoshop or other on line assets. Below are a pair that I like to use:

  • — search by a bunch of unique shades and discover the RGB, key phrase or hex values
  • — if you presently have a colour price and just want to change it to RGB, this resource will do that

This method will only increase a qualifications colour to the components, not the whole qualifications graphic. Also, textual content-based mostly components are ordinarily block-degree components, so they span the complete width of their container. Incorporating a qualifications-colour to it will increase the colour all the way throughout the container, even if the textual content does not span all the way across—as you can see with the “heading” in the higher than case in point.

If you really don’t want that influence, there are some workarounds working with the display screen value. See the video clip case in point for additional specifics.

qualifications-graphic to make a colour overlay

To adjust the search of the whole qualifications graphic alone, use the qualifications-graphic property to increase a color overlay to the entire graphic as an alternative. Here’s how it will work:

  • Various illustrations or photos can be exhibited working with the qualifications-graphic house
  • A gradient can also be exhibited working with the qualifications-graphic house
  • Use a gradient and a qualifications graphic to display screen a colour overlay on leading of the graphic

The Syntax

Various qualifications illustrations or photos are divided with a comma. The illustrations or photos will be exhibited stacked on leading of every single other. The very first graphic shown will be on leading of the pursuing graphic.

qualifications-graphic: url(image1.png) /* just one graphic */
qualifications-graphic: url(image1.png), url(image2.png) /* two illustrations or photos */

Gradient CSS details kinds are applied to display screen a changeover concerning two or additional shades. Here’s the syntax working with the linear-gradient operate and an graphic. Make certain to outline the gradient price very first to make the colour overlay influence, given that the very first price shows on leading.

qualifications-graphic: linear-gradient(colour, colour), url(graphic.png)

Here’s how this method seems working with a gradient on leading of a qualifications graphic:

qualifications-graphic: linear-gradient(rgba(,, .two),rgba(,,,.eight)),

I have extra a black overlay, working with the rgba() colour price to increase transparency, to be ready to see the qualifications graphic beneath. A gradient operate also needs at the very least two colour values: the very first price is the leading of the gradient, the 2nd price is the base of the gradient. Also, for the reason that the values for this type can be variety of lengthy, I like to place the two unique values on its possess line, just to make it much easier to examine. This is just my particular choice for formatting this form of declaration.

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If you really don’t want a gradient influence, then use the very same values for equally the leading and base of the gradient. If you want to hold the gradient influence, just adjust the opacity ranges or select unique shades.

Simply because the rgba() price needs parenthesis, which is contained inside of the linear-gradient() operate which also makes use of parenthesis, it effortless to unintentionally to both be shorter a bracket or have much too lots of. So just be certain to double look at your syntax.

See the Pen
Operating with textual content and qualifications illustrations or photos
by Christina Truong (@christinatruong)
on CodePen.light-weight

Now you can tweak and edit as you remember to with no the want to make any modifications to the graphic file alone. To see a additional depth breakdown of the tactics pointed out in the posting, look at out the corresponding video clip.


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