Leveraging The Analytics of Security and SIEM for Improved Monitoring of Advanced Threats

For more than a decade, in response to much higher volumes of alerts, event monitoring and security information (SIEM) became an integral component of enterprise safety and security software programs. However, the increasing complexity and sophistication of attacks are driving the requirement for advanced analytics beyond the log aggregation of older solutions of SIEM. Security […]

Gartner Peer Insights Recognition for McAfee Security Information and Event Management

We are proud to say that McAfee software program has received recognition from all the customers with the 2018 Gartner Peer Insights Customers Choice award for the Security Information and Event Management (SIEM). This is a recognition of quite high satisfaction from multiple numbers of reviews by verified end-user professionals. To make sure fair evaluation, […]

Steps to fix Error Of McAfee Subscription After Buying The Renewal

Fixing McAfee Antivirus Subscription error purchasing renewal – Sometimes you may face an error with Subscription even when you have just renewed the McAfee Antivirus software product. There could be a various number of reasons for this McAfee Antivirus Subscription error. You can also visit for any other information. Some of the similar problems […]

The players of Rainbow Six Siege want Apex Legends pinging, and Ubisoft likes the idea

Whatever you make of the meteoric rise of Apex Legends, everyone can agree with the fact that it gets non-verbal communication right. With a quite simple button press, players can quickly make specific callouts such as need light ammo or enemy was here. The hugely positive feedback of contextual pinging has left the players of […]