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To work with McAfee antivirus application, the user must need to first download the application on your device and then activate McAfee from website. You can sign in using MacAfee login id and password. If you have any query and require assistance feel free to contact McAfee toll-free number. If you have product key you can directly visit and Activate McAfee Product key.

How to Download McAfee on Mac and Windows?

Go through the steps given below to download McAfee

  1.  Go to the link or McAfee website
  2.  Let the webpage to load.
  3.  Open the McAfee My Account option.
  4.  Press on the login button from the menu list.
  5.  Enter the credentials of your email ID and password and if you are not registered then make a new account.
  6.  Choose the option of device and software.
  7.  Click on Download button and download it.

How to Install McAfee on the gadget?

After completing the downloading steps of McAfee setup, Visit the downloads folder and install the program.

Go through the steps given below to install McAfee

  1.  Once the McAfee setup file gets downloaded, have double-click on it.
  2.  Click on the Agree button in the License Agreement.
  3.  Note the serial number of the McAfee Product.
  4.  Go through the guidelines available on the window.

How to Activate McAfee on the gadget – McAfee activate program is a very simple process. You need to copy your 25 characters mcafee product code and then paste it to activate the program.

Go through these steps to activate McAfee

  1.  Locate the installed McAfee program, and have a double-click on it.
  2.  Press on the subscription button.
  3.  Choose the Activate option to activate McAfee.
  4.  Enter the product activation code in the credentials.
  5.  Go through the on-screen prompts appear on the screen.
  6.  Visit the official website link
  7.  Choose the language and enter the right region.
  8.  Enter the activation key and the e-mail address.
  9.  Click on the activation tab after confirming the written data.
  10.  You can also activate the McAfee program by visiting the official website

How to operate McAfee

After completing the McAfee updates with, you have to confirm whether your McAfee antivirus distinguishes all the new kinds of threats, virus and malicious key. To make your device secure, it is essential to update the files. McAfee has a feature of getting the updates automatically to the users of installing and downloading process. But the users have to update this software themselves only.

Go through the steps to know how to operate McAfee

  1.  Ensure that you should be connected to the internet.
  2.  Select the option of Applications from the Start menu list.
  3.  Click on your McAfee antivirus.
  4.  Select the option of Update Now which is situated at the left corner of the window, after opening McAfee.
  5.  Click on the Start Update option and Wait for the program to get updated.

How to Run Scans and Updates?

You can click on to set the McAfee antivirus program to install and download all the updates automatically. There is also an option of scanning automatically.

Go through the steps to know how to scan and update McAfee automatically

  1.  Go to Applications.
  2.  Select the McAfee antivirus from the menu list.
  3.  Allow the program to start.
  4.  Select Preferences.
  5.  Visit the lock icon located at the left corner to change the McAfee antivirus settings.
  6.  Enter the credentials of user ID and password for the device.
  7.  Allow the Threat Prevention prompt to come.
  8.  Go to the On-access tab and Press on scan files and choose the option of Read and Write.
  9.  Navigate to scan and click on the square icon following Archives and Compressed data.
  10.  Open the On-demand option and ensure that the square beside Archives and compressed data is chosen already.
  11.  Select the Update option.
  12.  Click on Schedule option.
  13.  Move over to anti-malware update and then choose how often and type the time.
  14.  After that, click on the Confirm tab located at the right side of the window.

While downloading the McAfee from in your device, If you may face some issues and errors. Don’t get worried, Feel free to Contact the McAfee Assistance provide to activate McAfee Product key.