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6 ways to open Services Management Console on Windows 10

Services, also known as services on the Windows operating system, are one of the essential and core components of the system, they operate on a regular and continuous basis (ie always running in the background, or automatically activated). active as needed).

These services are essentially an application, but since there is no User-Interface (UI), we have to rely on another tool to manage their activities. Yes, and that’s it Services Management Console.

Although it plays such an important role, I know that many of you still don’t know how to open and use the Services Management Console.

So in this article, I will summarize the simplest ways to Open the Services Management Console tool on Windows 10 Please !


I. How to open the Services Management Console on Windows 10

Briefly about the main function of Services Management Console, it allows you to view, enable, disable and set mode of most services available on Windows 10 operating system.

Some of them are system services, so you can’t interfere with them and there’s no reason to interfere with them, because it’s part of the system.

Ok, below is a summary of the simplest ways to open the Services Management Console that I know:

#first. Use Windows Run to open the Services Management Console

Windows Run is a very powerful tool available on the Windows operating system, which I am sure it is already familiar to many of you here.

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Especially for those of you who regularly follow the tutorials available on blogchiasekienthuc [dot] com. And of course, with Windows Run, you can do a lot of things.


And in this article, there is no reason that we do not use Windows Run to open Services Management Console both


You open Windows Run by using the key combination Windows + R => then enter the command services.msc or paste the command %windir%system32services.msc => and press OK is to be able to open the Services Management Console.


You can also run the above commands normally in Windows PowerShell and Command Prompt (CMD) of Windows operating systems!

#2. Use Windows Search to open the Services Management Console

Windows Search on Windows 10 operating system is equipped with many powerful, unique and very useful features by Microsoft, with it you can find everything such as: applications, files, settings … on Windows 10. Especially the search speed is very fast.

And of course not except what we need: Services Manangement Console

Please use the key combination Windows + S or Windows + Q to open Windows Search => then enter keyword services or services.msc => finally choose Services (App) in the search results list.

Remember, If you don’t see something, just search Windows Search and find it guys ?


#3. Use Task Manager to open Services Management Console

Task Manager is a familiar tool that helps you manage processes, programs running on Windows systems, and of course also manage services.

Please open the Task Manager by using the key combination Ctrl + Shift + Esc, or right click on the Windows Taskbar => and select Task Manager is to be.

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In Task Manager, please switch to tab Processes, then click the drop-down arrow next to a Services Host any => then right click on one of the services in it => and select Open Services done.

Don’t rush to close the Task Manager, there are other ways below.



There is also another way that is much simpler than that, if you find the above way a bit complicated, you should use this way!

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Also in this Task Manager, please switch to tab Services, this is where you can see the full name, description and status of each service available on the system.

And in the bottom corner of the screen, next to the word Fewer Details then we can immediately see the line Open Services, click it to quickly open the tool Services Management Console.


All the available applications and the software you install from the outside, they are all included in the Start Menu by Windows for easy access and search, but not many people notice that.

And of course, the Services Management Console tool is no exception, click the Start button on the keyboard or on the Windows Taskbar => scroll down to the character W => and click on folder Windows Administrative Tools.

=> Then you look down a little more and you will see right away Services, now you know what to do ?


#5. Use shortcuts in Control Panel

Control Panel on Windows 10 contains a lot of settings that we often use. I also use this tool a lot myself.

You can also access Services from here by adding its shortcut to the Control Panel as instructed in my article of the same name.

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#6. Create a shortcut to quickly open the Services Management Console

The Desktop screen, the Taskbar allows us to place shortcuts, icons of frequently used applications for easy, quick and time-saving access!

To create a shortcut for the Services Management Console, right-click on the desktop or anywhere you want to create a shortcut for it => select New => choose Shortcut.


In the window Create Shortcut, umbrella Type the location of the item you copy and paste the command below in => then press Next to continue.



Finally, enter the name of this shortcut in the box Type the name for this shortcut, you can name anything – as long as it’s easy to remember and easy to see => then click Finish to complete the shortcut creation process.


You now have a shortcut of Services It’s outside the Desktop screen, double-click on that shortcut to open it right away.

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Besides you, you can drag it to the Taskbar for convenient use, then you can delete the shortcut on the Desktop for compactness, this is up to you..


II. Epilogue

Well, here are the 6 easiest ways to Open the Services Management Console tool on Windows 10. You can also apply these methods to most other versions of Windows operating system as well..

These are just the ways that I have collected and known, so there may be missing, if you know any other ways, don’t hesitate to leave a comment below to share with everyone ? Good luck! labour !

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