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5 Best Video Editing Apps for iPhone

Today, the need to edit, cut and combine videos to share with friends, relatives or post on social networks is increasing more and more. With the trend, the creators have developed a lot of video editing applications. With only an iPhone in hand, you can both record and edit a complete clip that is not inferior to using professional software on your computer.

Currently there are hundreds of video editing applications. However, in this article we only introduce the most popular, most downloaded video editing applications in 2021.


5 Best Video Editing Apps for iPhone
If you are looking for a free video editing app on your iPhone, then iMovie is a good candidate. You can download iMove on the App Store once your phone has been updated to iOS 8 or later. With iMove you can cut and combine small videos into complete videos. At the same time can insert more images, effects, insert text, sound. Besides you can also edit the speed, change the volume; Or use the available filters to make the video more vivid.

If the operation is wrong, you can also press the “Undo” button to return to the previous action. After completing all the steps, click “Done” to save the edited video.

So you can completely share the video you just made on social networks or simply save memories on your device to review when needed.

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5 Best Video Editing Apps for iPhone 2

True to its name, Quik allows users to edit and cut a video as quickly and simply as possible.

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When editing videos with Quik, you are provided with dozens of free background music and special effects and scenes.

You can manually crop videos according to your own intentions. Besides, Quik also has built-in attractive video styles for users to choose and apply. The advantage of Quik is that it helps users create professional-looking videos in as little time as possible. Convenience, easy operation, quick editing are the factors that make Quik score with users.


VivaVideo application allows users to cut and combine videos, create professional effects. Besides, with just a few taps, you can turn the still photos in the gallery into a unique video.

Not to mention VivaVideo is optimized for the interface. Using editing tools has never been so quick and easy. Advanced functions such as video background music, filters, effects, live dubbing are also extremely attractive, diverse, and constantly updated.

VivaVideo is one of the hottest applications today, downloaded by tens of millions of users. With this app you can easily tell a story by video; Save impressive moments for yourself and share with those around you.



When it comes to video editing applications, it is impossible not to mention VideoShow. It is also in the top of the top video editing applications on the phone today. This is the choice of more than 400 hundred million users.

Some outstanding advantages of VideoShow are listed by users as follows:

  • Video editing with no time limit.
  • There are more than 50 themes available to create a video in no time.
  • Built-in hundreds of background music.
  • Many typefaces and fonts for you to insert if there is a need to shoot subtitles.
  • Allows users to use many beautiful filters.
  • Many advanced editing functions such as merge, cut, split, reverse copy, rotate movie clips, zoom in, zoom out, speed control, voice recording, etc.
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Adobe Premiere Clip

Adobe Premiere Clip

Adobe Premiere Clip application provides all the basic and most necessary features for video editing such as: video trimming; transition effects; edit or replace audio from existing tracks in the app or from the user’s device. Moreover, you can also adjust the exposure; bright areas; dark area. It is also possible to set the time and add music to the video. Besides, Adobe Premiere Clip also provides users with filters and effects. Thereby making your videos come to life.

You’ll need an Adobe account to use the Adobe Premiere Clip image-editing app, and it’s quick to create if you don’t already have an account.

Note when cropping videos

  • Short videos: No one wants to waste time watching long, unattractive videos. So when editing videos on iPhone, trim the clips neatly and merge them together.
  • Change different scenes: During the video cropping process, you should use a variety of footage from specification; close-up; middle; full, etc. to make the video more vivid and attractive.
  • Tell the story seamlessly: A complete video should have 3 parts: a beginning, a body, and an end. You also need to arrange the videos according to a seamless story to create emotions for viewers.

The tips above may not make you a professional video editor. However, we hope it will help you to have an overview. From there, you can edit a movie exactly as you want. Good luck.

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