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5 Best Android Optimizer and Booster Apps in 2021

Phone Booster is a trick that any phone user wants to have. Currently, on the CH Play store there are many applications that can help you do this. However, not all applications can work effectively. And of course, if you “accidentally” encounter an inefficient application, not only will your phone not improve its speed, but it will also fill up with more memory, run slower, and may even be infected with a virus. or malicious code. If you are wondering to choose for yourself an application to speed up your phone. Today 1-mcafee will suggest you 5 most effective phone booster apps!

1.Nova Launcher phone acceleration software for Android

Nova Launcher is the leading Android phone acceleration application today. More known for its ability to customize the look and feel of Android devices. But this application also has the effect of tweaking to help speed up the operation of the system. Nova Launcher has the ability to minimize the activities and effects that slow down the smartphone’s processing speed.

However. This is not supported on the device’s stock Android interface, so it sometimes causes lag during use. But in return, Nova Launcher’s operating mechanism creates a simple interface, uses less RAM and helps the phone save battery.

5 Best Android Optimizer and Booster Apps in 2021


Configuration required

  • Requires a phone with Android OS 4.0 or higher.
  • Device memory must be at least 10MB.
    You can download Nova Launcher for Android here:
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2.Game Booster

Game Booster is a very effective game booster for gaming. This can be noticed most easily on slow smartphones. Therefore. This is known as an application for Android users who love gaming experiences. Game Booster’s smart technology boosts RAM, accelerates app access and game downloads.

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Besides. This tool will help users manage memory. Manage RAM operation status, application memory usage status. Thereby optimizing the performance of RAM to help prolong the phone’s battery life. Special. Your device will be cooled down to protect its internal components once the Game Booster scan is complete.

5 Best Android Optimizer and Booster Apps in 2021-2

Outstanding features of the Game Booter phone acceleration application

  • Remove junk, thoroughly clean the phone system.
  • Optimize, speed up phone RAM through smart scanning technology.
  • Tweak your system for all-round acceleration.
  • Speed up your smartphone while playing games.

Configuration required

  • Operating system: Your phone must be running Android 4.0.3 or higher.
  • Memory requirements: Your Android device must have at least 10 MB of internal memory.

You can download Game Booster for Android here:

3.Clear Master phone booster app

One of the comprehensive Android phone booster apps is Clean Master. Among the options used by this application is to clean up excess space and help free up device memory. However. The way Clean Master works is much faster and more efficient.

5 Best Android Optimizer and Booster Apps in 2021-3

Outstanding features of Clear Master phone booster app

  • Automatically find and delete junk files, temporary memory in a very short time. By using the Clean Junk Files function.
  • Disable background apps, freeing up RAM for optimal apps (like games). Clean Master is capable of completely optimizing the system to make sure your device runs as much as possible.
  • Your device will be safer thanks to an effective anti-virus application that has been certified by A-V Test.
  • Allows deleting, backing up and restoring system apps and installed apps.
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Configuration required

  • Operating system: Your phone uses Android 4.0 or higher.
  • Memory requirements: Your device has at least 10 MB of internal memory.

You can download the Clean Master software for Android here.

4.Speed Booter

Referring to the application to speed up Android phones, it is indispensable for the Speed Booster tool. This is a very powerful application. It has the ability to interfere deeply in the phone memory. To help you easily optimize system performance and cool CPU quickly. A strong point on this application is the intuitive interface that is very easy to use, after just one touch, your device will quickly be fully optimized and accelerated.

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5 Best Android Optimizer and Booster Apps in 2021-4


Main features of Speed ​​Booster

  • Outstanding processing speed: With just one touch, your device will be significantly accelerated, freeing up memory space.
  • Small capacity: Speed ​​Booster with only 2MB of installation space is super compact to save your phone space. However, Speed ​​Booster has proven its ability to be a much more powerful tool than other smartphone booster software.
  • Quick system cleanup: With just one tap, your phone will be optimized, improved performance and speed up processing. More. The tool is also capable of searching for junk files, redundant data and cache on the smartphone and from there it will process them to greatly improve the system’s processing capacity.
  • Easy to use: Speed ​​Booster’s user interface is very intuitive, simple and easy to use, which cleans junk data files and frees up RAM on your phone.

Configuration required

  • Device configuration requirements: Your device must be running Android 4.4 or later.
  • Memory: Your smartphone must have at least 10 MB of internal memory.
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You can download the Speed ​​Booster app for Android here:

5.Nox Clear phone booster app

Last in the list of Android phone booster apps is Nox Cleaner. This tool possesses features such as cleaning junk files, intelligently managing files and applications, and thereby effectively fixing lag or insufficient device memory.

Nox Cleaner is one of the few software users that love and appreciate the experts, and is also a great tool for gamers.

5 Best Android Optimizer and Booster Apps in 2021-5


Outstanding features of NoxCleaner

  • Clean junk files quickly to free up storage space.
  • Move applications flexibly and remove them easily.
  • Organize and organize your photos with quick gestures.
  • Similar or duplicate images will be automatically distributed.
  • The phone will be fully speeded up after just one tap.
  • Contains no ads, just focuses on cleaning up the system.
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Configuration required

  • Operating system requirements: Your smartphone must use Android OS 4.4 or higher.
  • Memory: Your phone must have at least 20 MB of internal memory.

You can download the Nox Cleaner app for Android here:


Above are the 5 simplest Android phone booster apps that 1-mcafee wants to share with you. Each application has its own features and advantages. But they all work effectively and help you clean your phone, clean junk files, scan for viruses and extend your phone’s battery life. Please choose a suitable application for yourself.

Good luck!

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