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3 ways to find lost Android phone

When you can’t find your Android phone anywhere, suspect that it’s dropped somewhere, dropped on the street, or someone has stolen it, try’s method of finding lost Android phones.

You must have had a time when you looked for your phone but couldn’t find it, maybe left it at home, dropped on the road or someone stole it, so many terrible scenarios popped up in your head. Stay calm and take advantage of the ways to find your lost Android phone to find it again. 1-mcafee will show you the simplest ways.

How to find a lost Android phone

How to locate your phone using Google

Most Android phones today have the Find My Device feature built-in. This service automatically tracks your phone’s location, so if your phone is lost, you can turn on your laptop or borrow a friend’s phone and find its last location, ringing if it’s nearby or lock / erase the phone when suspecting it is stolen so that important information is not exposed.

3 ways to find lost Android phone

Most importantly, from now on, download the Find My Device app on the Google Play Store and log in with your Google account. You will then be able to use it to locate your phone remotely.

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If you ever lose your phone, you can locate it by logging into your Google account from any computer or even from another phone. Just go to a web browser, type then enter your email address and password. When you open Find My Device, you will have 3 options:

  • Make sound. This feature is useful if the map shows that the phone is near where you are.
  • The lock function selected means that the program will force you to set a new password and will lock your phone as long as the phone is connected to mobile data or Wifi.
  • The erase function allows you to erase most of the data on the device, the data on the SD memory card is not deleted (Conditions that your phone must be opened and connected to the network).
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3 ways to find lost Android phone


If Find My Device is not working, the most likely cause is that your phone is not currently connected to Wi-Fi or a network. In this case, you have to wait for the time when the machine has the network back or the crook opens the machine to connect to the network, then the machine will appear on the map.

How to locate your phone using third-party apps

While Find My Device is also pretty good, there are still some third-party options that are not inferior. Here are some pretty quality apps.

Family Locator application: A product of Life 360, the application will basically track the phone’s GPS, especially useful for families with multiple phones. Everyone within the app can chat with each other, if a phone is lost the app will track it on a map.

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3 ways to find lost Android phone -2


Prey Anti Theft Application: The Prey Anti Theft application is impressive in that it can protect 3 different devices. You can sound an alarm from your lost phone, take a screenshot if it’s in use, and lock the device as soon as you realize it’s lost.

Lost Android App: App that allows remote access to lost phone via website. Allows you to delete information, send messages to your phone, remotely forward any call to another number, save a list of calls, messages or take pictures with your phone.

Wheres My Droid application: Allows you to make phone calls, locate via GPS on Google Map. With the Pro version, the application allows to erase data from the phone remotely and lock the device.

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How to locate your phone in the house with a smart speaker

3 ways to find lost Android phone -2


If you determine that the device just dropped somewhere in the house, you have just finished using it but don’t remember where. This is quite simple if the device is connected to a smart speaker with Google Assistant, you can ask this virtual assistant to help. The condition is that the Android phone is signed in to the same Google account as the smart speaker, Find My Device is turned on, and your phone is powered on and connected to the Internet via mobile data or Wi-Fi.

All you need to do is say, “Ok Google, find my phone,” Google will confirm the device you want to find and then ring the ringer, even if you’re on silent mode.

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Above, 1-mcafee shared how to find a lost Android phone, hopefully you can find it safely, avoiding possible risks.

Refer : Androidcentral

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