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3 Best Audio Editing App for iPhone and Android

Are you a lover of singing, and often use your phone to record? Then right here, you should refer to the list of 3 best voice editing apps on iPhone/Android, so you can be confident to share your works with everyone.

3 Best Audio Editing App for iPhone and Android



Free & Classical Voice Tuning App

Looking for the classic AutoTune effect right on your phone? With the Extreme Tuning tool in the GarageBand app for iOS devices, you can edit a vocal you’ve recorded right on your iPhone or iPad, insert effects, then continue with pitch control. distortion and pitch control. For best results, Apple also recommends setting a song’s Key & Scale within the Song Setting menu.




In addition, you can also combine with other processing in the app such as EQ, compression, reverb & delay, etc. However, remember, you should only edit at an appropriate level in GarageBand, that’s new It’s an effective way to make your voice sound better. If overused, the voice will completely become “machine voice” and sound no longer natural.


App to tune the voice or best rated by the user

Similar to Extreme Tuning, Voloco is a fully capable real-time app for better vocal tuning, but Voloco’s extensive features are what really set it apart from the rest. the rest. Not only can AutoTune be adjusted, but the app also provides a mix effect & audio player for those who want to unleash their creativity with vocals right on their mobile device.

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Voloco has now been rated well by more than 65,000 users, with 4.8/5 stars on the international App Store version. With an intuitive interface, simple controls and convenient song export options, it’s not hard to see why Voloco achieved such impressive numbers.


New & Improved Voice Tuning App

Although it was launched almost 6 years ago with an iZotope development team behind it, the Spire app has remained the preferred choice of many professionals and enthusiasts to record songs at home until now. now.

From humble beginnings as a 4-track recording app for iOS with basic functionality, it has now evolved into a full-fledged mobile DAW complete with music recording, editing and mixing functions. Even wirelessly pairing it with their Spire Studio interface opens up even more potential.




Back to the main topic, we’re here to talk about better vocal tuning apps – and that’s where the Spire Pro really starts to shine. Spire Pro users get an entire collection of features to maximize their results, including:

  • Eliminate background noise that gets in when recording.
  • Powerful cleaning with noise filtering.
  • Built-in tuning, formant changes & other vocal-focused effects.
  • Automated personalized sound checks to avoid clipping and shaping.

You can download the free Spire app from the App Store and Google Play, or visit the iZotope Product Page for more information on the Spire, Spire Pro & Spire Studio apps.

The last word before ending the article, if you have any questions or suggestions about the content we mentioned in “Top 3 best voice editing apps on iPhone/Android [2021]”, please share. share your opinion.

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