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11 Best Free RAM Test Software For Windows

eleven Very best Absolutely free RAM Exam Software package For Home windows

Right here is a listing of finest cost-free RAM Exam software package for Home windows. These cost-free memory RAM tester freeware can be utilised to check RAM for faults and notify you of RAM errors and issues encountered. This aids you get an concept of your laptop or computer Memory, so that you could transform it when you experience any issues. Just about every RAM memory tester software package works by using diverse established of algorithms in buy to verify RAM for faults. Some of these freeware can be operate on Windows even though you function, even though some are boot plans and you have to have to operate RAM check through boot menu.

Checkout this listing of finest cost-free ram tester software package to know a lot more about them and also learn how to verify RAM for faults utilizing some sophisticated RAM memory test software.

My Preferred RAM Checker Software:

Out of RAM check software package shown right here, I like Hiren’s Boot CD the most. It is owing to the truth that it contains a selection of a range of RAM Memory check software package stuffed in it. You can pick to operate possibly Boot Menu plans in the Boot menu or Home windows plans in Mini Home windows XP interface. Some of the most crucial RAM tester and RAM scanner applications out there are: MemTest86+, GoldMemory, Home windows Memory Diagnostic, MemTest, Prime95, S &amp M Tension Checks, etcetera.

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Hiren’s BootCD

Hiren’s BootCD is a extremely highly effective process utility freeware with a range of helpful applications stuffed into it. It contains a range of Home windows freeware, DOS freeware, and Linux freeware. The finest component of this freeware is that it delivers equally boot menu plans and Home windows interface plans that can be operate in Mini Home windows XP.

There are a range of RAM checker, RAM tester, and RAM scanner freeware embedded in it, with equally boot menu software and home windows software. But in buy to operate it, you have to make a bootable USB of the very same or pick the possibility to burn up it to CD disk.

Though you boot from Hiren’s BootCD, on the principal monitor you can pick to boot DOS plansLinux plans, or boot into Mini Home windows XP. On the principal monitor you can also pick to operate Home windows Memory Diagnostic or MemTest86+ in buy to instantly verify RAM for faults.

Some other RAM tester applications out there in Boot menu to check memory are: MemTest86+, GoldMemory, Home windows Memory Diagnostic, and Online video Memory Tension Exam.

In situation you boot into Mini Home windows XP, you can pick to check Memory utilizing numerous RAM tester applications out there, like: MemTest, Prime95, S &amp M Tension Checks, etcetera.

Soon after the Memory check, RAM check outcomes are shown primarily based on the RAM tester software you pick to perform RAM memory check, and if any RAM errors are encountered, it is displayed during and just after the check.

There are some other applications as properly that is embedded into Hiren’s BootCD. Some of them are Antivirus/Spy ware, Backup, Browsers/File Supervisors, Cleaners, Product Motorists, Editors/Viewers, FileSystem, Optimizers, Partition/boot/MBR, Password/keys, restoration, registry, startup, etcetera.

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Home windows Memory Diagnostic Software

Home windows Memory Diagnostic Software is a fantastic RAM checker and RAM tester software package, that can be utilised to carry out RAM test. It is an inbuilt software package in Home windows that performs RAM test. This RAM tester will make use of a range of RAM screening algorithms.

How to verify RAM for errors using Home windows Memory Diagnostic:

  • Click on on Get started button and carry out research for Home windows Memory Diagnostic software.
  • When Home windows Memory Diagnostic opens, it shows the solutions: Restart now and verify for issues and Test for issues the future time I get started my laptop or computer. Pick the possibility that you want.
  • Soon after Personal computer restarts, you can pick the possibility to enable Memory Diagnostic Software operate instantly or can pick to personalize the RAM memory test option.
  • In situation you want to transform the possibility, simply click F1 to exhibit solutions. Then you can pick from the solutions Primary, Common, and Prolonged.
    • Primary: Primary possibility performs Laptop RAM check algorithms MATS+, INVC, SCHCKR (cache) enabled.
    • Common: Common possibility performs Laptop RAM check algorithms all Primary assessments, LRAND, Stride6 (cache enabled), CHCKR3, WMATS+, WINVC.
    • Prolonged: Prolonged scanning possibility performs Laptop RAM check algorithms Common assessments, MATS+(cache disabled), Stride38, WSCHCKR, WStride-six, CHCKR4, WSCHCKR3, ERAND, Stride6 (cache disabled), and CHCKR8.
  • Cache possibility can be turned to Default, on, or off.   You can also pick to implement go rely the place you can specify the full range of moments the check is recurring.
  • Soon after specifying the possibility, simply click F10 to implement and Esc to terminate. Then eventually RAM check commences and position is shown demonstrating if it has encountered any issues.
  • Soon after the completion of RAM check, process commences and then it shows information of RAM memory check.


Memtest86+ is a basic bootable RAM checker freeware. In buy to test RAM utilizing this RAM tester, you have to make a bootable USB or burn up the picture of this freeware into CD.

You can also pick  RAM test variety possibility, allot laptop or computer memory deal with array to verify for faults, retain RAM memory sizing, specify mistake report manner, demonstrate DMI memory details, ECCmode, refresh monitor, and exhibit SPD facts.

You can also pick if you want to carry out any unique RAM check, skip recent RAM check, choose check algorithm, and choose little bit fade check utilizing this RAM tester. In the deal with array you can specify the decreased restrict, higher restrict, or pick the possibility to perform whole RAM memory check.

For the duration of the RAM check, you can see information of WallTime, Cached, RsvdMem, MemMap, Cache, ECC, Exam, Go, Glitches, ECC, and Glitches.

Soon after memory RAM check, a finish report is shown primarily based on the form of notification possibility you pick. Error report printing manner can be possibly mistake summary, unique faults, BadRAM designs, RAM mistake counts only, DMI unit identify, and possibility to beep on mistake encountered even though RAM scanning.

PassMark MemTest86

PassMark MemTest86 is a fantastic RAM tester software package to carry out RAM check. In buy to do so, you have to make a bootable disk or bootable CD of this software package. You are supplied with two software package solutions to obtain, i.e. to make a bootable CD and to make a bootable USB.

How to make bootable USB of PassMark MemTest86:

  • Run imageUSB.exe.
  • Pick out the travel in which you want to set up your software package.
  • Pick out ISO picture of mem86-usb.img.
  • Click on on the button Create to UFD.
  • Then just after accepting few options, the bootable USB is developed.

How to check RAM utilizing PassMark MemTest86:

  • Boot your Personal computer and transform the possibility to boot from USB or CD as the initial precedence primarily based on your unit possibility. Boot from PassMark MemTest86 USB or CD.
  • Then RAM check commences, which you can quit by urgent Esc essential. You can also pick the possibility to skip recent check, stop check, go back again to principal menu, or proceed with laptop or computer RAM check.
  • You can also pick the possibility to look at RAM details, look at memory use, etcetera.
  • Adjust the possibility of RAM check from the solutions specified:
    • Solutions are supplied for which assessments you want to carry out from a established of thirteen RAM check algorithm and you can also specify the range of passes.
    • Established deal with array.
    • CPU variety possibility solitary cpu # , Parallel all cpus, spherical robin all cpus, and sequential all cpus.
    • RAM benchmark with the solutions: Block browse/generate, check manner, and entry facts width.
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Soon after laptop or computer RAM check, the final result is shown demonstrating check get started time, check elapsed time, assessments handed, most affordable mistake deal with, best mistake deal with, bits in mistake mask, bits in mistake, max contiguous faults, and range of faults encountered in diverse assessments. This RAM tester also allows you preserve HTML report of the check.

RightMark Memory Security Exam

RightMark Memory Security Exam is a fantastic RAM tester freeware that can be utilised to check RAM for faults. Exam outcomes and check development is shown in rather a colourful interface exhibiting the info of RAM check for unallocated, partly analyzed, untested, check productive, check jogging, and check unsuccessful.

You can pick diverse RAM check options specifying the memory check, Stride sizing, check designs, check repeats, and picked assessments. Exam designs solutions out there are standard or alternating. Some of picked RAM check solutions out there are one little bit, two little bit, four little bit, eight little bit, sixteen little bit, and 32 little bit.

This RAM tester also shows the info of RAM memory position, RAM check position, RAM check time, full time, RAM check faults, full RAM faults, and block scale. You can pick to quit RAM check at any time. For the duration of and just after the RAM check, you can see the info of assessments carried out, time, and mistake facts.


MemTest is another RAM tester freeware that can be utilised to check RAM for faults. Compared with other software package that have to have you to switch off your process and operate in BIOS manner or UEFI manner, MemTest can be operate even even though process is on and you can have on performing your function. It is advised to enable the process continue being idle, near all pointless plans, and enable it operate as very long as achievable. Extended the RAM check operates, a lot more completely RAM is analyzed for faults.

How to carry out RAM check utilizing MemTest:

  • Open up MemTest.
  • Specify megabytes of RAM that you want to check. In situation sizing of RAM is not specified, MemTest assessments for All unused RAM.
  • Though  MemTest is staying carried out, the software package reveals the protection and faults detected.

This is a fantastic freeware to use for computer RAM test.


LinX is a basic RAM checker and RAM tester software package and can be utilised to check irrespective of whether RAM has encountered any faults. Right here you can pick diverse options like dilemma sizing, RAM Memory check sizing, and specify operate rely or operate time.

In Operate Rely the method is operate a specified range of moments and in situation of operate time the check is operate for a specified time period.

You can also pick the possibility to scan a specified memory sizing or all memory.

Below the options tab, you can specify the manner which could be possibly 32 little bit, or sixty four little bit. Amount of threads, facts alignment, Linpack32 max Trouble Dimension, and Memory for OS can be specified. Precedence course possibility could be established to idle, underneath standard, standard, over standard, higher, and authentic time in this RAM tester. Some facts like main temperatures, CPU voltage, frequency, CPU supporter RPM and +twelve V voltage can be obtained from possibly Everest or Speedfan.

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Some other solutions can be established to quit on mistake, vehicle preserve log, seems, tray icon, day/time in filenames, prolong glass, and demonstrate hints.

For the duration of RAM check scan, the software package reveals the info, like: sizing, LDA, align, Time, GFlops, Residual, and Residual (norm).

Soon after the RAM scanner scans PC RAM for faults, it shows irrespective of whether any mistake has been located. If the possibility is decided on, it instantly stops when mistake is encountered.

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MemScope is a basic RAM checker software that can be utilised to perform PC memory check and recognize any issues encountered. This RAM tester software can be operate from bootable USB or bootable CD.

It conducts a collection of RAM assessments on your RAM to check for any memory faults. These involve Going for walks 1’s check, deal with check, all 1’s and 0’s check, eight little bit sample check, random facts established, block go check, 32-little bit shifting facts check, and random facts sequence check. You can pick the RAM check possibility to operate possibly a solitary check or operate all the assessments.

You can pause the RAM check at any time and resume from the very same site yet again. Mistake summary of diverse RAM assessments is also shown. In situation any mistake is encountered, it shows the check, go, failing deal with, anticipated bits, true bits, and Xor bits.


ORTHOS is a basic RAM tester freeware that can be utilised to carry out RAM tension check. It can also be utilised to tension check CPU. Soon after the check, the outcomes are displayed and show errors or warnings encountered.

You can pick which RAM memory check you want to carry out, from the solutions: Compact FFTs – tension CPU, Huge, in-location FFTs -tension some RAM, Mix – tension CPU and RAM, StressCPU – Tension CPU with Gromacs main, or tailor made.

Precedence stage of this RAM tester can be established on a scale of one to ten. Sensors possibility can be picked to exhibit the info to use: MBM, temperatures, voltages, enthusiasts, demonstrate all readings, or altered readings.

How to check RAM for faults utilizing ORTHOS:

  • Operate ORTHOS.
  • Established RAM check possibility, precedence, and sensors.
  • Click on on the Get started button and enable it operate for some time.
  • Soon after the check is finished, it shows the faults and warnings, if encountered.

Roadkil’s RAM Exam

Roadkil’s RAM Exam is a basic RAM checker freeware that can be utilised to carry out laptop or computer RAM test. Roadkil’s RAM Exam can carry out memory RAM check even when the process is on. You can carry out the responsibilities and function on your PC while the memory RAM check is carried out. You can quit the RAM check staying carried out at at any time.

Though the laptop or computer RAM check is carried out utilizing this RAM tester, you are shown with the info of full process RAM, out there for screening, memory allotted, memory analyzed, development, time remaining, RAM browse pace, RAM generate pace, facts browse, facts prepared, chunks allotted, common chunk sizing, smallest chunk, most significant chunk, faults detected, and recent check.


AleGr MEMTEST is a basic command line RAM checker software that can be utilised to check RAM for faults. This RAM tester is rather uncomplicated to use and you have to double click on memtest.exe file. Then the Command prompt opens and assessments are carried out. Soon after the RAM check, the outcomes are shown with any faults that are encountered.

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